A first picture

Things are starting to look like something now, so here's a first picture of Alexander at Sauder.  I can now see that all my abstract hooking and palette dyeing has pushed me in the direction of Expression.  It is slightly more abstract than Impressionism, lending a less naturalistic color scheme to the subject. 

I also chose to eliminate straight line hooking, and move to pebbling as much area as I can.  I am still contouring the face by pebbling in the directions of the face contours, so that the face takes a shape. 

I am hooking this piece entirely by value (VIP Hooking), having marked my drawing from lightest to darkest areas and hooking the different colors in the ascribed values randomly into those areas.  I am using all eight values of eight different neutrals and rosy browns, one red, and three different blues and blue grays. 

Neutrals and rosy browns:Chesterfield 152; Faune Brown 114; Blush Red 113; Rosewood 138; Red Oak 144; Sea Shells 142; Applewood 147; Butterfield 122

Red: Ring 'O Rosie 161

Blues and Grays: Alexander Blue 109; Gossamer Gray 131; Shades of Dusk 123