Happy Easter!

Phew what a couple of weeks, and now Easter is here.  I am still in the midst of end of the semester writing and grading, but I can see the light!

I have a rhubard pie in the oven baking and plan to grill out lamb chops and asparagus for dinner.  I am actually sitting down today to work more on Alexander at Sauder.  Still on the hat.  It is a BIG hat.  Did some dyeing because ran out of wool for the piece, more blue and more gray.  I am so surprised that I dye so much of my Alexander Blue 109 and Shades of Dusk 123 (pictured here).  These colors seem to find their way into my rugs constantly.  It is weird, because I don't consider myself a blue-person.  Go figure. 

I thought that Shades of Dusk 123 is a nice color to feature today because it feels to me like a dark sky lightening up to the morning, to life, to the resurrection.