Update on Alexander at Sauder Portrait

Been working away on Alexander's portrait.  Finished the hair.  Decided to pebble the hair rather than hook it in straight or curved rows.  This seemed to work better with the rest of the mat and the way I pebbled the face.

Went to work on the background.  I'm using two batches of textured wool packs dyed with Shades of Dusk 122.  One pack I dyed in value 5 (lighter) and the other in value 8 (very dark).  I am using the lighter value on the left background and the darker value on the right.  I am using about 8 different textures so that I get a lot of subtle differences in the background (none of which you can see in this picture because of poor lighting). 

I edited the picture.  There was a wooden fence beam behind Alexander's head, but when I hooked it in, it detracted from his face.  Since this mat is about his face, and not the fence, I tore out the fence and am rehooking the area in plain background.

I am leaving his light colored shirt until last because I don't want to get dark wool dust all over it from the background hooking.