I finished hooking Alexander At Sauder.  Now on to binding.

Things I learned by hooking this rug:

1. value (lightness and darkness) matters more than anything

2. color matters but much less than value

3. color needs to be grouped for impact

4. pebbling stitches allows for much more integrated effect than hooking rows side-by-side

5. the more colors the better: I used 12 colors in this rug in all 8 values which means 76 different color intensities.  There are 68 color intensities in the face alone.




The colors I used:

Ring 'O Rosie 161

Faune Brown 114

Red Oak 144

Blush Red 113

Applewood 147

Rosewood 138

Chesterfield 152

Sea Shells 142

Alexander Blue 109

Butterfield 122

Gossamer Gray 131

Shades of Dusk 123