Reflections on Seeing Red

Our Region 9 ATHA representative, Martha Lowry, laid out the traveling exhibit of Seeing Red rugs at the Kirby Midsummer Hook In last Saturday.  It was wonderful to see them in person.  There were so many interpretations and so many stories told with these rugs.  There is a binder traveling with the exhibit filled with comments from the artists about their own entries.  I wish that I had had more time to read them.  I am hoping that someone will photograph each of the rugs and publish them in a book with all the artists' descriptions.

There is no way that I can display all of the rugs here.  There were just too many.  Each of them are well done interpretations of RED and I loved them all.  But there were a few that stood out for me and so these I share with you in this post.

Early Morning Sunrise is by John Flourney.  I like the sky and the contrast of the shadow side of the big red chair.  The Price of Freedom by Martha Lowry is haunting with its message.  The Cream City Rug Hookers and Heart of Wisconsin entered Shades of Red! which I love for its unusual use of alternative materials and beads.  Mary Jean Whitelaw's Self Portrait is fantastic with its use of complementary colors (red toenails and green grass) and the flat fleshy feet in the proddy grass. The Eye of the Rose by Gail Becker is stunning in its presentation of color and form and the juxtaposition of textures and intensities.  Churchill McKinney's Red Haired Lady has great perspective with the shadowed back of the woman's head and the bright reflection in the mirror.  African Sunset by Gail Dufresne is brilliant with painted-dyed background and vivid purple shadows hooked at varying heights and with sparkle.  Louisianna Redfish by Laurie Olson is bright and fun with a good use of values and textures that make the fish pop.