Matilda the Witch: Day 4

Went to Austin this weekend and on top of that we all have some kind of stomach and intestinal virus that won't go away.  So haven't worked too much on this mat.  One more day's progress to report though.  Hooked in the forehead and then worked a bit on the neck.

The next two weeks look like they are going to be crazy around here.  I have so much to get done before we head up north for our family vacation in Illinois and Michigan.  In that time, I have a number of things at work I have to get accomplished since school starts up a couple of days after we get home.  I have to get my rugs ready and packed for Sauder, and I am back in the dye pots getting materials ready for my Old World Santa class that I am going to be teaching when I go to Michigan.  I have three or four more days of dyeing, and also need to get a few patterns drawn for some of the people signed up for the workshop.  Yeah for my new serger which will make the pattern making a lot easier.  I also have converted to use fiberglass screening instead of red dot to transfer my patterns.  Wow what a time saver that is!