Matilda the Witch: Day 5

Except for binding, Matilda is finished.  I am very pleased with the mat.  It will be a perfect portrait for my mantel this Halloween!

13" by 16", #6.  Designed, dyed and hooked by April D. DeConick

8-value packs of mossy and grey greens

Fincastle Brown 141

Lady Willow 128

Fingorn Forest 149

Spanish Moss 140

8-value packs of strong purples and oranges

Black Orchid 146

Highland Lilac 133

Red Oak 144

DISCLAIMER    I saw a photo of a witch on the web a year ago, and felt drawn to adapt her to a hooked mat.  The photo circulates without attribution on the web, currently in 88 places when I do a goggle image search. Over the last year, I have made every reasonable effort to trace and contact the copyright holder of the original photo in a diligent search.  If an omission is brought to my notice, I will be pleased to correct the situation.