Alexander has finished his project for Sauder Village

Alexander has been working on a project to exhibit at Sauder Village.  A few months ago he drew a lion's face on some foundation with a sharpie.  He went to my wool stash and picked out a bunch of colors he liked: reds, browns, purples, blacks, blues, oranges, pinks.  I cut him some #6 strips and he began hooking the eyes.  He worked away on it, progressing to the nose and mouth.  Then he prodded the rest of the face.  The last couple of days, he worked on prodding the mane with #9 cut wool.  We went to JoAnn's today and he picked out a stuffed animal pattern and wool for the body from my stash.  I sewed the animal and stuffed it tonight and stitched on the hooked face Alexander had finished.  The result?  Well I will let Alexander tell it: "I am really proud of the work that I did.  I named my project GET FUZZY.  He is a fuzzy little lion.  I'm going to play with him now."