Matilda the Witch: Day 1

I've started a new project.  A spooky one for Halloween.  Spent one afternoon designing and transfering the witch face onto my linen foundation.  Then I picked out my colors and started hooking.  This is how far I got by the time I went to bed.  I am proceeding with further application and development of my VIP rug hooking technique.  I use a number of closely related colors, as well as a few complimentary colors, all in 8 values.  I hook by value, and don't worry about the color, except that I am clustering them.  I hook directionally, but by pebbling rather than straight line hooking.

8-value packs of mossy and grey greens

Fincastle Brown 141

Lady Willow 128

Fingorn Forest 149

Spanish Moss 140

8-value packs of strong purples and oranges

Black Orchid 146

Highland Lilac 133

Red Oak 144