Matilda the Witch: Day 3

I worked on the shadows and hair in the lower right corner after I finished her cheeks.  Then I went on to the right part of the hood.

I had to work out the values in the shadows where her hair emerges under the hood near her chin.  This took some reverse hooking, but I think it works at least for now.  I may go back when Matilda is done and make some adjustments. 

I also am not sure that the hood will remain as is.  I am trying to show the light hitting the folds with the Red Oak color, and the shadows in the hood with the purples.

What amazes me about VIP rug hooking is how real the face looks when it is shrunk into a photo or when you stand far away from it and gaze.  The eye of the onlooker is mixing the colors.  It is the opposite of fine shading where the artist makes the color blend on the canvas or foundation.