ATC Exchange at Sauder

Phew!  The first few days of classes have been exhausting for all of us.  Trying to return to this fast-paced schedule after lounging on vacation is tough.  Because of the pace of my schedule, I haven't been able to post anything all week. 

I still have a few items from Sauder that I want to post.  I will try to stay away from reposting those things that other bloggers have been showing.

One event that was important to me is the ATC swap.  It remains a small event, although we hope that more and more people will join us in the future.  Here are the swappers from this year, including my two nieces Abigail and Madison who made cards and swapped.  I was lucky that not too many others showed up, so I got to swap with them.  So now my growing collection contains two very precious cards created by their little hands.