Framing Idea

I am getting tired of hanging my rugs on the wall "as is".  Some of them I would like to treat more formally.  When I was in Michael's last week, there was a good sale on shadow boxes.  And I discovered that some of the shadow boxes they sell have hinged doors with magnets that keep them shut.  I thought wow, what a neat idea.  I can buy a shadow box to hang above my mantel, and I can pin a rug in there, and change it seasonally or as I hook them. 

So I bought one that will fit St. Nicholas and Matilda.  At the moment, Matilda the Witch is pinned in there, but I plan to hook others to change out, like the Green Woman, Red Jack, and Jack Frost.  I figure I will keep their sizes around 10 by 15" and they will fit perfectly in the box any time I want to change them out.