Slow progress

I don't know what is going on, but ever since school started, I can't seem to get reinvigorated with my rug hooking.  Thankfully I had a few hours at guild last Saturday, so I made some progress on Jonathan the Lion, however slow it is.  I have begun work on the left side of the rug, moving down his mane. 

As I have hooked this piece, through trial and error (which seems to be the way I learn most things), I have learned quite a bit more about color and color combinations.  First, I am really beginning to understand that colors hooked next to each other alter the colors we see.  What might be yellow in one context becomes green in another, for instance.  So I have spent a good amount of time ripping out colors completely from this rug and rehooking in the areas different colors.

Second, I have learned that those dark values that are in the yellow and orange-yellow families, or medium dark values of bright or high intensity colors, function as light and light-medium values in the hooked context (rather than darks and medium-darks).

Third, I have learned that it is really important to cluster similar colors in a given area.  Too much juxtaposition creates a hodge-podge effect that I don't like.  So while tiling different colors is essential, it is also essential to group similar colors together.

That's where I am in the process...