New Starter Palette

As I have been dyeing colors to complete the Palette Constellation Rug, I have been also working on dyeing the new colors for the Starter Palette that I included recipes for in the revised version of The Wool Palette (see sidebar to order).  I created starter recipes to help people begin the palette process without needing to create their own colors if they don't want to.  The recipes I created allow the colors of the second palette to be integrated with my original palette.  This way I have extended my color palette to 134 colors instead of 67.  The second Starter Palette contains foundational dyes that I use in my original palette, so there should be a seamless integration when I use colors from both palettes in my rugs.  I am excited to extend my value options from 536 to 1076!

Pictured here is the red color wheel family: 201 (red), 202 (red-orange), 203 (orange), 204 (orange-red).  These are some of the wools that I will be putting into my kits for the Glorious Color Caddy we will be hooking at Sauder in August.