Thinking about creativity

The semester has been busy for me, and so rug hooking got the short end of the stick.  As did my blog.  So this is a check up post.

Alexander and I have been growing things this spring.  He has helped me plant flowers and some vegetables on the patio, and tend them with water.  We choose a couple of cherry tomato plants.  So Alexander is showing off the few we picked yesterday and I ate.  Alexander wouldn't try one.  Oh well.  I thought growing them might prick his interest in eating tomatoes.  Guess I was wrong.

I bought a bunch of ranunculus.  They are so beautiful in a cottage-garden way, that I have to post a picture.  The crisp circular forms are so profuse and bundled.  Love them.

Alexander and I went to an orchid show yesterday.  I have always loved orchids.  Yesterday as we studied their lips and flares, stunned by their elogence, I asked myself why I have neither bought an orchid before.  And at that minute, I carried an orchid to the cashier and now it sits in my window.  We named it Venus.

Also this week I had to attend a three-day workshop on creativitiy in leadership for my workplace.  While I'm not sure I learned a whole lot about being a creative leader, I did decide that the time has come to build a creativity center in our home.  It will have to be a small niche in our dining room, but it will be a place where all the art supplies are out and available for anyone to sit down and get creative. So more on this as we build the space up over the next week or so.

Part of our workshop involved going over to the Menil Museum and sitting with one painting for 30 minutes.  Then we had to record our interaction with the painting in our art journals.  I had so much fun seeing how much I normally don't see because I am in too much of a hurry, that I think I may go and sit in front of a painting once a month and slow down. 

The workshop also convinced me that I need to be keeping an art journal in addition to my rug journal.  So I am going to try to do that and see what comes of it.  It was fun to scribble without purpose.  My rug journal is too purposed and so I need another place to splatter and scribble and slow down.