Creativity corner

I was inspired by my leadership module on creativity.  Although I am still not sure how to incorporate anything artistic into my workplace and my leadership roles there, I was inspired to do something at home.  What I enjoyed more than anything was having access to art supplies.  The centers of our tables at the leadership session were filled with crayons, pens, graphite pencils, erasers (the kind you can mold in your hand!), paints, and tons of other creative stuff. 

I asked myself why the heck didn't we have a spot at home that encouraged creativity?  All our art stuff is, well, stuffed away inside a cabinet that we have to bend over to get to.  It is pain to haul the stuff out, get the dining room table covered in newspaper, and then put everything away after clean up.  So I can count on my one hand how many times Alexander and I have painted in a year.  Probably once. 

I have also decided that I want to try art journaling, and not directed at the creation of my rugs.  Why?  Because I want some space in my life to do something that has no purpose other than getting my fingers in paint and being goffy with pens.  To be unintentional.  To be free with creativity.  I guess I realized that although I am almost spiritual about living intentionally as Thoreau put it, I have found that we can live too intentionally too.  Our right brains need release into the experience of creativity for its own sake. Release.

Enough of my philosophy.  All of this thinking meant that this weekend I enlisted Wade and Alexander to drive over to IKEA and pick up a bookshelf and attachable desk unit, and we put it together in our living room.  Wade immediately used the area to grade papers (so much for my creativity idea!) and Alexander is thrilled.  He claimed a cubby for his own and stored his own art journals and books in it.  He wants a pencil sharpener over there now.  So I think he plans to use the area.

Last night after everyone was in bed, I began to create one of my first art journal pages.  I will post a picture of it when I am done.

Of course now the trouble is that the creativity corner has taken over my rug hooking space.  My rug stuff is now stuffed in another smaller corner of the living room.  Too bad, it looks like I am going to have to make another run to IKEA, so I can create a separate rug corner.