Unintentional Art: Nothing is as it seems

So I promised to post a picture of the art journal page I was finishing yesterday.  Here it is.  I am thinking about calling my art journal: Unintentional Art.  I will label my posts about my art journal accordingly.  The text is tough to read in the photo, so here is the text written on the page.

Nothing is as it seems

Alex sees mud

Wade sees a map

vast land masses and open seas

me I see tea spilled dripping

tempera paint spread red green yellow and black

smashed firmly between pages

thin as butter

oozing and wet

filling the area with richness and textures that call out to me

to pen around to follow out the values

to see differently

what has become of the white pages which are no more

look closely nothing is as it seems

is it chocolate sticky melted

a bit of candy caught between the pages of my book

it could be, who knows

maybe this is fertile earth

the Nile before it was dammed

it could be waiting for a seed like this

to be planted to grow mushrooms or orchids

to take root and push through the soil

to break through the skin of the earth

to become something I did not expect.