What is on the inside

I am trying to get ready for a rug workshop next weekend that I am attending on backgrounds and borders.  I want to create an abstract that I can hook with my scraps which have accumulated in a large basket.  So I am thinking of my entire piece as a background.  There will be no foreground or image. 

I have been wanting to do a series of trees, exploring their textures and curves.  So I took some pictures of tree bark when we made our annual trek a month ago to gaze at the bluebonnets in Brenham.  I worked up the picture on my iPad and then downloaded it into Posterazor (what a great program!) to enlarge it.  Here is the result.  I have to transfer it to screening and then to my background, but I am relieved to have the image done.

The image is so thrilling to me - the depth of value, the curving lines, the pockets of dark and light - that I printed a second smaller copy to cut and paste in my Unintentional Art Journal.  I smeared black and white acrylic paint, covering the page.  I cut the image in half so that I removed the dark center.  After pasting the images on either side of the page, I sat and looked at it for a while, and this is what I wrote across the core:

What is on the inside is what matters but where does that leave the outside is it only skin cracked open like birch bark peeling away from a trunk wood cleaved and stripped clean as a whistle gray the heart of things blown raw open and wide leaving what an empty core perhaps hollow and deep yawning with darkness pregnant with life is it something more a place where squirrels nest in leaves and cones and needles or fox or badger or owls only to be abandoned after sleep when the inside is turned outside and new life springs from the womb.