Palette Constellation Rug Finished

Patty is visiting from Illinois and she helped me finish sewing on the binding yesterday.  I lightly pressed it, attached a strip of foam board across the top, and mounted it on the wall behind my couch last night.  Wow does it ever bring warmth and color into our living room. 

This is a special rug because it charts the entire color palette that I have created for myself from my three primary dye recipes (red, yellow, blue).  The palette is displayed in color families that can be identified by the border.  There are twelve columns down and twelve rows across.  Each represents a color family on the color wheel: red, red-orange, orange, yellow, etc.  If you locate a color in the top border (say yellow) and another in the side border (say blue), and locate the intersection of these columns, you will find the color that results when I mix my yellow and blue dyes.  It should be green.

This constellation chart is going to be so helpful for me, allowing me to color plan my rugs instantly.  I am SO excited.


7 feet 6 inches by 3 feet 7 inches or 90" by 58"

67 colors plus black

536 different values

160 hours to hook

36 days to dye

38 yards of wool used