Brenham Tree turns around

I had company for ten days.  Been trying to get ready for Sauder, both my own rugs and my kits for the Palette dyeing class (which has taken a ton of time given that we are talking about dyeing in swatches over 15 yards of 15 colors).  I have a big box that I'm putting together to ship up to my sister's in Michigan.  It is too much to try to take on the plane.  I plan to try to carry my Palette Constellation Rug on the plane, because I don't want to have to ship it.  It means I have to take the thing down off the wall, and it was a chore to get it up there in the first place.  But I promised I would display it at Sauder, so it has to come down in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I pulled out the Brenham Tree Abstract I started with my scraps in May.  I am terrible with these hit and miss rugs.  I hate what I have done so far (only 1 day of hooking on it).  So a ripped out everything and started over with a new concept.  I divided areas of the rug into rough color patches.  I choose to go with a tri-color scheme: orange-red; green-yellow; purple.  I reorganized the scraps around these three colors instead of values (although I plan to use lights in green-yellow areas) and stripped up a few more scraps that I had hanging around in my baskets from previous projects. 

I figure that this abstract won't take as much concentration as my portrait rugs, so I can work it up easily in the car as we are driving to Wade's parents.  I hope it turns out.  Not so sure right now.