Family Time at Sauder


And wow what a time it was!  Sauder has turned into a real family event for us.  My sister Tiffany lives about an hour away in Michigan.  She is a hooker too, and so are her two girls, Abigail and Madison. So we all entered pieces and visited the exhibit every day, and the village too where the kids love to milk the cow, ride the train, take a carriage ride, watch the glass artist and potter, and eat ice cream.

So here are a few pictures of us and our entries, including the surprise MASK CHALLENGE.  It was a fun "flash mob" event that we performed on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Alexander completely designed and hooked LITTLE HOOT which he is wearing.  Of course I couldn't help but hook something to reflect my continued fascination with the Green Man.  So here I am as RED JACK.  Each leaf is hooked as a separate piece from my scrap basket.  I bound each leaf, wired the edges of the leaves along their back sides, and sewed each one onto a premade black mask.

On Friday, I was giddy when I saw my PALETTE CONSTELLATION rug with the blue ribbon for the ORIGINALS category.  There were so many great originals shown at the exhibit that I feel very honored to have received this award.

A little about our family rugs.  Alexander entered his sleep buddy bear, FUZZY WUZZY (in background, with long cream snout).  He drew the face and hooked it from my scrap basket, selecting his colors and deciding what to prod and what to hook.  I sewed the finished hooked piece onto a stuffed bear I made from complimentary wool that Alexander choose from my dyed stash.

The girls entered mixed media pieces too.  Abigail hooked an owl face from fine cut wool and attached it to a log so that the owl looks like he is peeking out.  Abigail is very interested in raising awareness for the Spotted Owls which are on the endangered species list.

Madison hooked a carnival mask and mounted it on a piece of wood.  She hooked it in some of her favorite colors.

My sister Tiffany created one of my favorite hooked pieces ever.  It is a portrait of her daughter MADISON.  Tiffany hooked it from her own wool palette which she has dyed from her own magic three formulas.  I love the movement in this picture of the soft greens.  She has completely captured Madison's thoughtful soul.

I exhibited JONATHAN in the Animals category.  I am very pleased with the way this piece turned out.  It inspires me to hook a FACES OF THE HOUSTON ZOO series.  So watch for another animal to be hooked in wool this year.

One of my best friends (and the person who first taught me to hook) Robin Rennie hooked the COUGAR EYE for the Eye See You II  exhibit.  She said that the hardest part of the piece was hooking the nose which seemed like such a vast expanse of the same color.  I think that she did a wonderful job capturing the hunger of a cougar's eye.  What do you think?  What a fantastic exhibit it was, winning the Sauder Award.  Congratulations to all of you who hooked pieces for Judy and Lenny's outstanding exhibit.

Here I am hauling my rug and ribbon back to the car after the exhibit closed on Saturday.  Looking forward already to next year!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love that you got a blue ribbon for all that work. You all are a hooking dynasty. Would love to see Alexander's rug in person. And the masks too. Congratulations to you, Tiffany, Alexander, Abigail and Madison!

Sondra August 22, 2012 | Sondra (

What a special event that must have been for you and your family. Congratulations on your blue ribbon. Your Constellation rug is such a beautiful labor of love and congratulations to Alexander, Tiffany, Madison and Abigail for all your beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing these pictures for those of us who can't make it to those special events. JB

August 22, 2012 | Julia Bourque (

April, your rug is fabulous! Seeing it in person gives an even better appreciation for all your planning and hooking! You definitely deserve that blue ribbon! Congrats to Alexander and the girls and Tiffany !,,

August 22, 2012 | Alice (

Congratulations on your blue ribbon! I can't wait to watch you hook the series of animals from the Houston Zoo, as I'm always a fan of animal rugs! Your sister's rug of her daughter is sensational!

August 26, 2012 | Tammy (