Smokin' Smores

Smokin' Smores 2012   Photo Mini Album Series

Smokin' Smores 2012

Photo Mini Album Series


My third photo mini is completed and snapped into the album.  I finished hooking it in one afternoon, but didn't get around to sewing it into a page until tonight.

It is a small 7" by 7" square hooked from scraps.  The subject is my son Alexander roasting a marshmallow over a campfire in my sister's backyard.  We are sitting at the point of view of the photographer, out of the picture, enjoying the warmth of the fire on a chilly August evening in Michigan, creating smores.  Alexander is poking at the fire. 

I love this picture because it reminds me of me, always prodding the fire.  Since we have not had enough fires for this to be a learned behavior on Alexander's part, maybe it is hereditary?