Loopgram: Snapshot Portraits - How To Sort Scraps

I decided to try recording "how" I create my Snapshot Portraits, what I have been calling "Photo Minis".  The first step is to sort my scraps since these are created from strips leftover from other projects.

Five Scrap Boxe

Five Scrap Boxe

I have five square baskets I bought at IKEA.  I have tried sorting my scraps by value and by color.  I thought the value sorting would work, but it turns out that it didn't.  I think it didn't work because, although I hook by value, I also cluster my colors.  It is easier for me to pull out of a color box the value I need, then to find the color I need in a value box.

What color boxes do I use?  I sort into five rough categories:

  • Red and Orange Box
  • Yellow and Yellow-Brown Box
  • Green Box
  • Blue, Gray and Purple Box
  • Purple-Red Box

The key is to have as many different values as you can.  You need lots of lights and darks to make these Snapshot Portraits work.  Usually rug hookers don't collect many wools in lighter values like peaches, pinks, tans, grays, lavenders, yellows that are almost white.  So if you want to hook Snapshot Portraits, start to collect these lighter wools.  It will give you an excuse to experiment with them in other projects and see how they pop your motifs in bigger rugs too.