Sandy Boy

Just completed the second 7" by 7" mini photo in the series Alexander At Play.  This one was taken at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan.  Alexander is up to his knees in sand.

I started to hook this at the guild meeting, and spent about 2 hours on the face before I gave up and went to work on the shirt.  The next day I had to tear out what I had hooked in the face and just start over with different values and different colors.  I think it finally works.

What is hard with these minis is to realize that they are hooked in #6 cut, not #2 or #3.  This is purposeful.  First, they are made entirely from leftovers and I like to hook big rugs in #6.  Second, my goal is a zonal image that represents the impression of the person, not the details of the person.  So this makes it hard.  I have found that I have to edit the image down to its bare essentials.  More is less.

Sandy Boy 2013

Alexander at Play Series

Inspiration photo

Inspiration photo