Slow but steady progress on Satu

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Satu rug on my rug frame 2014

Satu rug on my rug frame 2014

I have 25 more hours to log in on Satu, the tiger at the Houston Zoo.   This means I have a total of 69 hours into the project at this time.

I have really only been able to work on this piece on the weekends, and then only a few hours here and there.  I hope once summer hits, I will be able to sit down and get him completed. 

One of the troubles is that I have run out of my dark wools, so I need to spend a couple of days dyeing.  I have found this to be the case with most of my projects.  I run out of my darkest darks before any other value.  I assume that this means that we need a majority of dark to pop out the occasional light and anchor the medium values.

There is nothing to report in terms of new things I have learned yet.  I did find that I was using too dull of colors in the oranges on the top of the head, so I had to go back in with some brighter orange wools here and there.  That seems to have fixed the problem.