Starting another project, an inch mat

The pattern, a simple inch mat

The pattern, a simple inch mat

Now that I am finished with Satu, I couldn't help myself but get a new project set up.  I hate not having a rug to work on.  It is like something is missing from my life when I don't have a rug in the works.

I decided to do something a bit different this time around, to go back to a traditional rug form and see what I could do with it.  So I choose the inch mat.  How many inches?  43 inches wide and 47 inches long, for a grand total of 2021 square inches.  It is many many more inches than I imagined before I drew them out with a sharp pencil!

I am not going to tell you what I am doing with the inch mat, just that it isn't very traditional. I want to try to reinvent the form, to break the tradition. For fun, I will post occasional pictures as it grows and see who can be the first to guess what I am hooking.

Colors I am using in all 8 values (very important):

  • 159: Briar Rose
  • 142; Sea Shells
  • 120: Black Cherry
  • 146: Black Orchid
  • 124: Rose of Sharon
  • 148: Tanglewood
  • 114: Faune Brown
  • 118: Silver Birch
  • 151: Fruited Raisin
  • 135: Crab Apple
  • 112: Rowan Raspberry
  • 134: Pink Iris
  • maybe more...