Student rug from ATHA Witch Workshop

The Witch, hooked by Susan Reyes, 2015, ATHA Biennial Witch Workshop instructed by April D. DeConick. 

Susan Reyes finished the witch portrait that she started in the Witch Workshop I led at ATHA Biennial in San Antonia this last autumn.  She hooked it, she says, to be as creepy as possible.  She shared with me that one woman in her guild will not even look at the witch because "her eyes follow me." 

Susan found the witch portrait very challenging to hook with a lot of reverse hooking in various areas, experimenting until the area "read well" with the proper highlights and lowlights. 

Her experience is very similar to mine.  Reverse hooking is second nature for me, and just part of the process.  When we are working with value, which needs to be spot on for these types of portraits to work, it means we have to hook something into the mat, observe it, and correct it if it doesn't "read" right, as Susan says.  But in the end, the back and forth is worth it.  Look at the fantastically creepy portrait that Susan created.