More student rugs

I am really impressed.  Here are more student rugs coming in from my Wool Snapshots class at Sauder Village.   Keep in mind that these are all really small, only 7" by 7".  Most used #6 cuts with some #4 thrown in.

Martha Rosenfeld created her impression of Edie and Marianne in Hawaii.  She used soft muted colors which bring out feelings of calm and joy, which must have been what they were feeling on vacation in Hawaii.  The palm tree in the upper left corner was an an important element that Martha saved (rather than edited out) because it is a location signal. 

Jan Grose did a portrait of her mom in stunning vivid colors.  The hot pinks and yellows bring liveliness to the face, and the cool blue background keeps it all grounded.  There is no mistaking who this is!

I will post more student rugs as they come in.   These are wonderful examples of wool snapshots.  And these are the first attempts at creating these small portraits by these rug artists!  Wait to see what they will do once they have a dozen of these snapshots under their belts.