Tree Head Board Started

Just before the holidays, we upgraded our queen bed for a king.  When we put it in the room, it felt really BIG and LONELY.  Looking at the space, I decided that it really needs a head board, a BIG head board.  Why not hook one?

I try to do a project every year that I can learn something new.  This year I wanted to do something with an abstract feel, but still image oriented.  So I went through my photos and chose a picture I took in Brenham of a big live oak, mainly its branches.  I fiddled with it in filter programs and came up with this image that I then transferred onto linen with the assistance of my sister and my mother-in-law over Christmas. 

I have been working a couple of weeks and have made some progress, although this is a really BIG piece, in the area of 70" by 30".  So it is going to take a long time for any significant progress to be recorded.

Upper left corner of Tree Head Board 2016

Upper left corner of Tree Head Board 2016

I am using 17 colors, 8 values each, in both textures and plain wool.  So that means that I have 272 different wools in play: 64-Fiddlehead; 29-Tom Thumb; 31-Gossamer Gray; 23-Shades of Dusk; 18-Red Birch; 59-Briar Rose; 51-Fruited Raisin; 55-Nymph Green; 33-Highland Lilac; 6-Moorland Moss; 10-Norfolk Lavender; 11-Jack Horner Plum; 46-Black Orchid; 68-Charcoal; 49-Fingorn Forest; 41-Fincastle Brown; 15-Milkweed.