Big Shot cuts more wool

For Mother's Day, Wade and Alexander bought me a wonderful rug hooking gift.  Because of my surgery, I haven't had a chance to share a post about it.

They purchased it from Julie proprietor of The Old Tattered Flag rug hooking studio.  Julie has a video on how to use the machine on her website.

Julie is so inventive!  She wanted a way to cut bigger amounts of wool strips at one time.  So she took a fabric cutting machine called The Big Shot and had custom dies made to cut our wool strips.  You purchase the machine and then the different size dies you need from her.

I couldn't be more pleased.  When I create a new rug, I spend a huge amount of time cutting my wool initially on my Townsend cutter (which I love but it is slow going).  But with my new Big Shot cutter, I can cut two layers of wool in 6"x18" strips in one crank of the die.

Here's how it works.  First you place your wool on top of the black die pad.  You sandwich this between bottom and top plexiglass plates.  You insert this sandwich into the machine and turn the crank.  After the sandwich passes through the machine, you remove the top plexiglass plate, and you have cut an entire strip of wool at one time.  I use the #6 cut die.  The machine will cut 27 #6 strips with one layer of wool and 54 strips with two layers!  Magnificent.

Having experienced this new cutting system, well, I wouldn't be without it.  I highly recommend it for any serious rug hooker.  It is worth its weight in gold (well almost!).