Uncle Sam Doll finished

Wow do I like the way that the Uncle Sam doll turned out.  He is 26 inches tall and 7 1/2 inches across at the base.  He came together with lots of changes along the way.  I guess that is why I cannot draw and sell patterns unless I hook them first. 

I didn't know that he would be one half red and the other half blue when I started.  I thought he would have a red and white striped hat and that his pants would be a red and white checkerboard.  His coat was going to be blue. 

But that is not what happened once I started hooking him.  Like all my mats and dolls, he took on a life of his own and communicated how he wanted to look.  He wanted a flipped up collar, so that went in as I hooked.  He is half red and half blue with stripes on his right side and stars on his left.  And his shoes, they had to have star buckles. 

He also wanted real hair, so after everything was hooked, I took some leftover roving I had and prodded it lightly into his hairline and beard. 

And most surprising of all is his back.  I took the leftover strips of wool and sewed them together in a stripe formation.  Then I cut the back and bottom out and hand bound it onto the edge of the mat, all the way around.  With this method, there is no need to turn the doll inside out, or fight with burlap showing through at the edges (I hate that!). 

I have him standing prominently on my fireplace mantel.  He is my only Fourth of July decoration.  Guess this makes an excuse to go out and get a few other things.  Maybe a tiny flag to put in his hand?


Making progress on Uncle Sam Doll

So here he is two days into the project.  I spent several hours yesterday hooking this Uncle Sam Doll while Alexander played at Stomping Grounds.  It was a wonderful afternoon because we met Martha Lowry and her grandson there.  So while Martha worked on binding one of her pieces, I worked on Uncle Sam and the kids played.

I decided to bead the edges of his collar and coat.  I wanted to bring beading into the piece, but thought I would do it with checked pants.  That looked awful, so I went to the coat edges instead.  I think I like it enough to leave it.

Uncle Sam Doll

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to go ahead and try making another holiday doll (Uncle Sam), this one for fourth of July.  I'm using four palette packs (8-value packs): McIntosh Million 101, Blush Red 113, Alexander Blue 109, and Shades of Dusk 123.  Here is my progress so far.  I have hooked the face and hat in #4 to get detail, and the rest of the figure I am hooking in #6.  He will stand just over two feet tall and will be 7 inches wide.

Peter Cottontail Doll is finished

I am pleased with the way that Peter Cottontail turned out.  I made him as part of my whimsical doll series: tall and thin.  It is a little tricky to balance these dolls.  You have to stuff the top 2/3rds with light batting and then the bottom 1/3 with heavy stuffing beads.  This doll I backed with a quilt-like backing that I sewed from 3-inch squares of wool I had overdyed with the same colors in the hooked part of the doll.  I still need to find the right eggs or tiny basket for his hands.  But other than that, he is finished just in time for my Easter decorating. 

Wools I used:

8-Value packs: Milkweed 115; Violet Twilight 132; Crab Apple 135; Rosehip 145

Texture packs for coat: Jack Horner Plum 111; Rowan Raspberry 112

Peter Cottontail Doll

I needed a quick project to hook for a few days while I rest from the big rug, All in the Family.  So I'm working on creating a new doll, this time one for Easter.  I hooked the front in two nights, and sewed quilt squares of wool together for the back and base.  I am going to whip the back onto the hooked front tonight, so I should have a doll to post tomorrow.  For now, here is a preview: the hooked front and the quilted back.

Or, I didn't have any course wool yarn or roving left to do his chest, so I spotted my selvage balls that I have sitting in a basket in my living room.  Would it work?  I tore up a few strips of the selvage to give them fluffy edges, then I dipped them in some tea I brewed, and threw them in the dryer.  The result?  When hooked it looks like bunny fur!  Who knew I was saving those selvages for Peter Cottontail.

I hooked a chain stitch on the edge of his coat to give it some extra texture.

I haven't had any luck finding an egg ornament for his hands.  Still working on that.

Wools I used:

8-Value packs: Milkweed 115; Violet Twilight 132; Crab Apple 135; Rosehip 145

Texture packs for coat: Jack Horner Plum 111; Rowan Raspberry 112

When I get the pattern put together, I'll post a note that it is available.  Also I know a promised a couple of you that I would get a pattern put together for Lady Sunset, so I will do that too! 


My surprise, a Father Christmas doll

I finished hooking and sewing together a new Father Christmas doll.  He is rather tall and slim, about 7" across and 21" tall.  I hooked him using Hubbard Fig 119, Pink Iris 134, and Violet Twilight 132 (all 8-Value packs).  His beard is created by hooking in sheep wool and letting the ends dangle on top.  The hair and coat trim are hooked with natural yarn roving.  I bound a black piece of wool on as the back, stuffed him, and sewed on an oval bottom.  I added a silver snowflake for some sparkle.