Report on the new serger and my Kandinsky Color Wheel

I got the serger yesterday from Amazon.  Gotta luv Amazon Prime.  It came in two days.

It was in a square box and I was exicted to open it.  I pulled it out of the box and set it on my dining room table and was immediately intimidated.  There were four spools of different color threads, and two needles.  Where were the other two threads?  There was a big foot, much bigger than the one on my sewing machine.  Not knowing what to do, I dug out the two CDs that came with it and popped them in my computer and I had a look at a few of the videos.  That's when I found out that the serger has a knife that cuts the fabric off before it serges the edge.  Now I was really scared of the thing.  I took it upstairs and set it next to my sewing machine.  I'd deal with it later, hopefully much later.

In the evening I finished my Kandisky color wheel mat.  It was 9 pm and I kept looking at the mat thinking, okay, this is the moment to give the serger a try.  Figuring that the serger cut off about 1/4", I cut the foundation at 1" around the mat, took it upstairs and had a go at it.  I plugged the thing in, lifted the foot, inserted the fabric, and hit the pedal.  Wow.  It is GREAT and EASY to use.  It zipped around the edges, cutting clean edge all the way around.  Why didn't a buy a serger before?  Goodbye loose dangling linen strings.

The Kandinsky Color Wheel mat is 19" by 14".  It uses my 12 Red Jack Rug Palette dyes that are the basis for all the rest of my dyes.  The three primary colors (McIntosh Million 101; Goodfellow Yellow 105; Alexander Blue 109) are in the left column.  When they are mixed with each other, you get the secondary colors in the third column from the left (Jacky Lantern 103; Sherwood Green 107; Jack Horner Plum 111).  When you mix the primary and the secondary colors, you get the teritary colors in columns two and four (Finnigan Flame 102; Somerset Sunset 104; Moorland Moss 106; Caspian Green 108; Norfolk Lavender 110; Rowen Raspberry 112).