After Sauder

Had a great trip to Sauder Village this year.  Here are some photo highlights. 

Satu 2014.  36" by 48".  Designed, dyed and hooked by April D. DeConick.  Exhibited in originals category.

Mary Magdalene 2013. 30" by 40".  Designed, dyed and hooked by April D. DeConick.  Exhibited in the Celebration special exhibit.

Nine series 2012-2013.  30" by 30".  Designed, dyed and hooked by April D. DeConick.  Exhibited in special Rug Hooking Magazine exhibit.

Maggie 2014.  12" by 12".  Hooked by Alexander DeGreiner.

I was honored to be awarded the blue ribbon for the invitational dye challenge for my eggplant gradation and sparkle wools.

Mary Magdalene at Sauder Village

I had a wonderful time again at Sauder Village Rug Hooking Exhibition this year.  The show was amazing as always with beautiful Celebration Rugs (congratulations to all the winners) and a very special exhibit of American hand sewn rugs that I have never seen before.  These rugs predate hooked rugs and show all kinds of fancy piecework and threads.  I bought the book that was on display.  There was also a special exhibit of hooked portraits of the US presidents by Nola.  Wow I still can't believe she created all those presidents in one year.   Bought her book too.

Mary Magdalene. 2013. 30" by 40". Forgotten Women Series.  Designed, dyed and hooked by April D. DeConick.   Winner of Sauder Village People's Choice Award 2013.

When I traveled up to Deanne Fitzpatrick's earlier in the summer, I drew out an oversized portrait (30" by 40") of Mary Magdalene based on an antique German mosaic of unknown date.  The mosaic itself features the virgin Mary in blue.  But to me, this is the face of Mary Magdalene.   So I gave her a red cloak instead.  I worked on her a bit in the car (it was a long car ride to and from Texas), but found it difficult going since her features were so big that it was hard for me to see what I was doing until I had a huge area hooked.  This meant that I rehooked her face three, if not four times, before I got it the way I wanted it.  Once I got home, I went into a rug hooking marathon and worked hours on end to complete her in time for Sauder.  The night before I flew out, she was done.  I packed her in my suitcase and took off on a jet to Michigan.


Here is a picture of her hanging at Sauder.  I thought that she really commanded the room when you walked in to the exhibit, glowing there in her scarlet cloak.  I am so honored that she won the People's Choice Award for her category (People, Places and Pictorials).  She is the favorite of my rugs and will be stretched on canvas, framed and hung in my office above my desk.