Lady Red Jack is ready to be pinned

I finished hooking Lady Red Jack yesterday, and this evening I bound the mat in Nightshade Berry textured wool.  The finished mat is 15" by 19 1/2", so just right to pin into my shadow box tomorrow for the month of September.

I have started to keep good records of the wools I use when I hook my mats.  Here is what I used to create this mat.

Red Jack Palette Wool: 8-value packs of Bittersweet 162, Peter Pumpkin 163, Ellendale Orange 126, Tanglewood 148, and Lake Agate 127; 1 piece of Goodfellow Yellow 105 value 5, Will 'O Wisp 158 value 5; Moorland Moss 106 dappled; 2 pieces of Sunset Gold 104 value 6; Goodfellow Yellow 105 value 7; Black Orchid 146 value 7 and 8; Will 'O Wisp 158 two textures; 4 pieces Nightshade Berry 160 four textures.

Here are pictures of the finished mat and the photo inspiration I used to create the hooked portrait.

Lady Red Jack 2012

Lady Red Jack 2012

Lady Red Jack photo

Lady Red Jack photo

Working on Lady Red Jack

Between big projects, I like to work on smaller pieces that I can do quickly.  I was inspired to do another Red Jack after working on the Red Jack mask.  But this time, it had to be Lady Red Jack.  So she is going to be "September" in my series Faces of the Seasons.

Lady Red Jack in progress

My art has taken a turn.  I have found that I love to work from photos and then abstract them into more impressionistic pieces like impasto painters.  This summer, we visited the Mucha exhibit in Iowa.  Wow!  I wonder when that man ever had time to sleep.  He was so productive.  One thing I learned about him is that he photographed everything in sets first.  He got the model to pose in the gowns and so forth.  He painted from those photographs.

So I am trying this out with this piece.  First I needed a model.  Where was I going to get a woman to wear some leaves on her head?  You guessed it.  Me.  I bought some leaf garlands, twisted them into a headpiece and put it on. 

So Lady Red Jack is my first self-portrait.