Finished with The Three of Us

My experiment with hooking really bitty 5" by 5" snapshots has worked out well.  I finished the third portrait in my series The Three of Us.  It is of Alexander. 

Alexander.  The Three of Us series. 2013. 5" by 5".

My idea is to take all three and frame them in big black frames.  I need to find some kind of decorative door or fence to put up on my mantel.  Then I want to hang the three frames on the white door or fence.  I have been having a tough time finding a decorative door or fence piece.  Any ideas where I might find such a thing?

Something I am learning as a fiber artist.  There is a reason why artists work on one subject for years, or one technique.  They work up the subject or technique over and over and over again.  As I have been working on these snapshot portraits, I have found that the more I do the better the pieces become.  There is something about repetition and human learning at play here.  There is something about experimentation leading to a new insight that then can be applied to the subject or technique to improve it or alter it.

I also am finding that creating series of mats that "go together" in an arrangement has its own challenges.  The Three of Us was no exception.  My idea was to hook each portrait with a dominant color that represents the person to me.  So Wade is blue, Alexander is yellow, and I am red.  These turned out to be the three primary colors, which was kind of neat.  The problem came when I hooked Alexander's portrait.  I did not realize that because he is a sunny yellow that his portrait would come up lighter than the other two.  So the highlights really stood out when I framed it up next to the other two.  I had no choice but to take it out of the frame and reduce the yellow highlights.  It is still brighter than the other two, but at least it works in the arrangement now.

The second even bittier wool snapshot

April.  The Three of Us Series. 2013. 5" by 5".

I just finished a 5" by 5" headshot of me.  This is for the series called "The Three of Us" that I am framing in big black frames.  The foundation is left exposed as a mat in the picture.  Here is me.  It is a shot from last month when we went out to enjoy the bluebonnets in Brenham, Texas.  I wore a very pretty white dress with a pearled collar.  I think that I was able to get the impression of the pearling in my hooked version of the snapshot.


This is what Wade's picture looks like framed.